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Hotspot Software by HotspotSystem.com

Wi-Fi Hotspot Software

Our Hotspot Software is running on the router, no computer is required. You can run the system on Linksys, Buffalo, D-Link, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik routers or on a Linux server.

We offer a Cloud-based Hotspot Solution. We operate web, database and radius servers, you just have to operate the router.

Installation is quick and easy, it takes about 10 minutes.

Compatible Routers

Pay-Per-Use or Free Hotspot

Set up your hotspot as you need: let anyone use it who accept the terms, send out free codes via SMS or give out vouchers to your guests to control accesses.

Charge your customers using your own pricing in your local currency. Or you can use a combination of free and pay-per-use service.

Design your own Wi-Fi start page or choose from built-in Skins. Set bandwidth and traffic limits on user level.

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Pay-per-Use Hotspots
Free Hotspots

Hotspot Management

Cloud-based solution let's you manage unlimited hotspot locations from a centralized interface.

It let's you modify locations remotely, change access plans, suspend users, modify start pages, print out vouchers from anywhere in the world.

You can see transactions, create usage and purchase reports. Our Router Alert feature will notify you if a router is not sending life signals.

Full Feature List

Friendly Pricing

There are no setup and monthly fees in case of a pay-per-use hotspot. You only have to pay a small fee after each successful transaction.Free hotspots pay a small monthly fee for free vouchers or sms codes.

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