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Your guests can pay online on your Hotspot Start Page and their access is granted automatically. You can also offer Pre-Paid Vouchers that your guests can buy for cash at your Hotspot location.


  • Accept payments from your Wi-Fi Start page.

    Your customers can pay for the access directly from your Hotspot Start page. Upon successful payment, they can access the internet immediately. When their access expires, they will be redirected to the Start page so they can pay again.
  • Your Own Pricing and Currency.

    You can set up custom packages with your own pricing and assign different prices to different validity periods. You can also set your prices in your desired currency and your customers will be charged in this currency. We can handle almost all currencies in the world! FAQ: Can I charge users in my local currency?
  • Complete Billing Solution.

    We handle all payments, refunds and try to protect you from chargebacks. All transaction fees are included in our commission!
  • Multiple Billing Processors.

    We are using multiple processors to ensure reliability. Unlike other solutions which work with PayPal only, we offer a true credit card solution by accepting payments directly without forcing users to create a PayPal account. FAQ: What payment processors does your system use to charge users?
  • Local Payment Methods. is the only hotspot service provider who supports local payment methods, such as iDeal or DirectEBanking which are very popular in Germany and The Netherland.
    Generic Payment Methods: Generic Payment Methods
    Local Payment Methods: Local Payment Methods
  • Recurring Billing.

    Charge your users in each month automatically, just like an ISP! Collect subscribers and get automatic monthly payments.
  • Pre-Paid Vouchers.

    You can offer Pre-Paid Vouchers to your guests so they can pay for them by cash at your location. We offer a Voucher Printing Tool so you can create high quality prints with your own design. FAQ: How can I sell Pre-Paid Vouchers at a location?


You need a router with a supported firmware to start the service.
The Hotspot Software is running on the router so you do not need any computer or staff for operation.

Special Hotspot Firmware by

(for Linksys WRT54GL)

Firmwares with built-in setup:

Click on an image above to get the installation guide for that specific firmware/device.

You don't know what to choose? Read our router compatibility list here.

Hotspot In a Box.
Order a preconfigured router ready for use! First you need to create an account so we can configure your router.


  • A broadband internet connection.

    The system is compatible with all kind of internet connection, like ADSL, Cable or Mobile 3G connection.
  • A compatible router.

    You can choose from a variety of compatible routers, including LinkSys/Cisco, Buffalo, Mikrotik, Ubiquity and several others. The Hotspot Software is running on the router so you do not need any computer or staff for operation. FAQ: What routers are compatible with the system?
  • Setup your own Hotspot in 10 minutes.

    If you have the router,
    it'll take about 10 minutes to set it up. Check out our installation guides to see how easy it is!
  • No setup or monthly fees!

    Trying out our system is absolutely free. You'll get up to 80% from the end user income. Read more about Revenue Sharing


It's your system and you can customize it to look like how you want it. You can set pricing, change logos, include images, insert HTML codes or you can change the skin completely.


  • Create Custom Packages with your own Pricing.

    You can define a validity period (1 hour, 24 hours, 1 month, etc) and set bandwidth and traffic limits. You can set the access to expire after the selected validity period (no matter how long the user effectively stays connected), or users can pause time and reuse it later. If you have more than one Hotspot locations, you can assign different packages to each location.
  • Professional Looking Start Pages.

    You can choose from multiple Skin options so you can select a design for your Start pages. These are created by professional web designers to increase customer's trues and using the latest technologies (f.e. AJAX) for realtime form validation to help your guests with the registration process. Each Skin is completely customizable.

    Generic Skin

    Transparent Skin

    Campsite Skin

    Hotel Skin

    Café Skin

    Basic Skin

    Chek out our Complete Hotspot Skin Gallery
  • Upload your own Logos or Create a Unique Look.

    You can upload your logos, graphics, instructions, ads, etc into 3 different positions or you can insert any HTML code for further customization. Every locations can have a different look/logos, etc. You can even use multi-language images for different languages!
  • Data Capture

    You can customize what fields you require from your users. You can request email, phone number or other data from your users, you can even create up to 5 custom question which your users need to fill out.
  • Limited Free Access (Free Trial).

    There are several methods to give free access for your guests. You can give unlimited free access with low bandwidth, or you can limit the free access by time or consumption. There are other ways to give free access for SOME customers, read more here.
  • SMS Authentication.

    You can authenticate people by forcing them to receive an authentication code via SMS to their phone. In some countries (Italy, France) this is required by the law (Pisanu Law). In the European Union you also have to store user's personal information to prevent illegal activities in public hotspots. You can also use phone numbers for marketing purposes.
  • Use Your Own Splash Page (Walled Garden).

    You can redirect users to your own start page where you can write important or other information about your location. Then you can link back to our payment pages where users can buy access.
  • Your Own Branding (White Label option).

    It is possible to remove all related text and graphics from the Splash pages and replace it with your own branding. You can even use your own domain name so the service will look like as it is was your own. This option requires an extra one time setup fee. Read more about our Reseller Program for ISPs and Network System Integrators.


  • Cloud-based Control Center

    gives you the ability to manage your hotspots from anywhere in the world.You don't have to be at the locations physically, you can access the management tools from the internet.
  • Cloud-based Hotspot Management.

    You can list all of your Hotspot locations, and all routers which were installed. Each router sends a life signal to our server hourly, so you can see which one is working correctly. You can also list users who are logged in to your Hotspot. You can change prices or add new packages with a single click to one or more locations. You have the power to control your Hotspots remotely.
  • Real-time Transaction Reports.

    Follow your transactions as they happen. You can see users' details, purchase amounts, transaction dates and the location of purchases. Transactions can be filtered and exported in CSV format. An RSS feed is also included so you can follow your transactions in your favorite RSS reader (even on your mobile phone).

  • User Search, Usage Information.

    You can find out how many times a user logged in, how much time did he/she spend online, how much traffic did he/she downloaded and uploaded. You can also see the MAC address(es) of his/her computers.
  • Create Powerful Reports.

    You can create purchase reports and break it down by date or period, location and type of payment (Credit Card, PayPal, Pre-Paid). A chart is also generated to give you a clear visual overview.

  • Charts to Analyze your Sales.

    Check out the country or language of your Hotspot users and type of credit card they used. Compare the sales of your Hotspot locations and see which generated the most income.
  • Support Ticketing System.

    We provide a basic ticketing system so you can provide support for your customers efficiently. Your customers can fill out a form on your splash page and track your answers through a web address which they can view freely, even if they didn't purchase an access. You will get email alerts and can answer through the Control Center, or via email (which is also tracked by the ticketing system).


Practically, there is no risks with the Revenue Sharing business model. You don't have to pay setup or monthly fees, nor buy an expensive hardware. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Revenue-based payout levels.

    Basically, the majority of income (minimum of 70%) stays with you. Our company only receives commission from successful transactions. If you can generate $1000 USD in a month, you'll get 75% of the income*. You can even reach the 80% payout level if you reach $2000 USD*. Our commission also includes all fees of credit card transactions.
  • Monthly payouts.

    The payment module is built into the system so you don't have to pay additional transaction fees. You will receive monthly payments from our company via wire transfer, Payoneer Mastercard and/or Paypal. FAQ: When and how do I get paid?

So what is included in the commission you pay after each successful transaction?

  • First of all, you get a complete Cloud-based Hotspot Management and Billing System.
  • We charge credit cards and pay transaction fees after each transaction. We also handle refunds and defend chargebacks for you.
  • We pay risk management fees to minimize fraudulent transactions (we even pay this fee if the transaction was unsuccessful!)
  • We operate web servers in multiple countries so Wi-Fi users can reach your Hotspot Start page 24/7.
  • We designed your Hotspot Start pages to maximize your sales, it is very well designed, straightforwarded and easy to use - registration forms are guided by realtime from verification powered by AJAX technology.
  • We operate radius servers to provide authentication for your users.
  • We operate the Control Center to provide all the tools you need to manage your Hotspots.
  • We provide a basic Ticketing System so you can support your hotspot users efficiently.
  • We have a professional support for our Operators. We answer 30% of support tickets within 1 hour and to 80% within a day!
  • We provide support with local phone numbers in many countries.
*Note: you have to request to increase your payout level. Based on your average sale amount, number of transactions, refund/chargback ratio we may deny the request (we never did it but it may happen). The new payout level will be valid for future transactions only.


Our system offers some unique features which you can rarely find with other companies.

  • Router Alert.

    We're monitoring your Hotspot routers 24/7 and alert you if something is wrong. You can also check the system load anytime so you will know when your Hotspot is overloaded thus it needs to be extended.
  • Secondary Operator Support.

    You can create Secondary Operator accounts for staff or for the owner of the location (if you don't operate the hotspot directly). You can grant access for them to specific locations so they can check basic transaction information, but they won't see any other information (personal, bank information, profit, etc), and they cannot modify the hotspot settings. You can set the permission level of these accounts.
  • Multi-language Start Pages.

    Your Hotspot Start pages are available in multiple languages, including german, spanish, french, portuguese, italian and hungarian. We'll add more languages in the future, and you can also translate the pages easily to your own language.
  • Mobile Phone Support.

    Users with mobile phones can easily use the hotspot without having to install any software onto their phones. They can use the phone's built-in browser to authenticate.
  • Not just for Wi-Fi.

    The system is not made for Wi-Fi only. You can easily connect desktop computers or kiosks so people without laptops can also use your Internet Hotspot. For example you can easily start an Internet Cafe.

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