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FAQ: Does my router compatible with the system? If so, which firmware should I use?

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Ubiquiti AirOS Firmware with Embedded Hotspot Portal

1. Ubiquiti AirMAX ISP Solutions
Compatible routers: (Rocket M, NanoStation/LocoStation M, NanoBridge M, Bullet M, PicoStation M, PowerBridge M, AirBridge M).
2. Ubiquiti 802.11 a/b/g ISP Solutions
Compatible routers: (Nanostation2, Pico2, Pico2 HP, Bullet2, Bullet2 HP, PowerStation).

DD-WRT with Chillispot (with Video Guide)

Compatible routers: LinkSys, Buffalo, Belkin, D-Link, Ubiquiti, Avila Gateworks, Magicbox and others.
Find out if your router is compatible here.

HotspotWRT Firmware by

Compatible routers: Linksys WRT54GL and others (Firmware is based on OpenWRT/White Russian/CoovaAP).

Find out if your router is compatible with OpenWRT White Russian (Status must be "Supported")

CoovaAP with CoovaChilli

Compatible routers: LinkSys WRT54GL, WRTSL54GS, WRT54G3G, Motorola WA840G, WE800G, WR850G, US Robotics USR5461.

Check different versions here.


Compatible routers: Anaptyx, Engenius EAP-3660, Engenius EOC-1650, Ubiquiti Bullet2 & HP, Ubiquiti Loco2, Ubiquiti NanoStation2, Ubiquiti Pico2, Ubiquiti Pico2-HP, WiliGear WBD-500

Mikrotik RouterOS

Compatible routerboards: RB450, RB411, RB493, RB230, RB433, RB600, RB1000, RouterBOARD 750 or 750G or any other device with Mikrotik RouterOS level 4

Cradlepoint 3G/4G mobile routers

Compatible routers: MBR1400, IBR600E, CBR400 (all routers which supports Captive Portal/Hotspot Services)

OPEN WRT (BackFire) and CoovaChilli

Compatible routers: Click for complete list.

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