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How to Setup CoovaAP 2.0 Hotspot


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    This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...

1. Download the Java installer program:

2. Run this program and choose Flash CoovaAP.

3. Selet your device from the list and click save firmware to save the firmware image on your local drive.

4. If you re using a Ubiquiti device you should put it in TFTP mode by unplugging the POE ethernet cable, and reconnecting it while holding the reset button for 8 seconds. If this doesnt work, you may have to press it for 16 seconds. The LED lights now should flash alternately indicating TFTP mode.

5. Connect your router to the PC and open a command prompt. (cmd.exe)
FTP the image to the router using "tftp -i PUT code.bin code.bin"

6. After a succesful transfer you can restart the device. Unplug and plug the POE ethernet cable back in.

7. Go back to the Java installer program. After your router reboots, the "Configure CoovaAP" button should now be available. Your PC should be set to the same network (192.168.1.X) in order for the program to see the router. Click the "Configure CoovaAP" button and a browser window will pop up which will take you to your router.

8. After a mandatory password change you are ready to configure the hotspot.

Click Hotspot and select Settings. Use the following configuration:

Hotspot type should be CoovaChilli (other)

UAM Hostname:
UAM secret: hotsys123
Login-page URL format:
Splash-page URL format:

9. It is suggested that you add the following domains to the walled garden hosts & ports: through

In the walled garden dns domains enter the folowing:,,,,,

10. Click DHCP

DHCP Server settings should be as on the photo below

Lan IP address:
Lan network:
Lan netmask:

DNS server 1 and 2: You can use your ISP's DNS server, or Google's free servers of and

11. Radius tab

Primary Server:
Secondary Server:
Auth Port: 1812
ACCT Port: 1813
Shared secret: hotsys123
AAA method: select radius
Leave all advanced option unchecked

12. After you save the settings Click Commit only and go back to the hotspot/status tab.
Click start Hotspot

You can now connect to the SSID (can be chagned under the wireless tab) and you shoudl receive an IP address on the network. When connecting to an internet site you should get the splash page.

13. Add a cron to have device show up in the control center and get status email alerts.

To add a cron enter: crontab -e, and enter the following line (it should start with a number between 0-60):

0 /usr/bin/wget\&nasid=YOUROPERATORID_YOURLOCATIONID\& uptime=`uptime|sed s/" "/\%20/g|sed s/:/\%3A/g|sed s/,/\%2C/g` -O /tmp/up.html

That's all. Currently you can only setup the hotspot on Wi-Fi. In a later version, it may be possible to setup the hotspot on bothe LAN + Wi-Fi.

If you have successfully setup your router you have to see a login window when connecting via wireless. You can log in with username admin, blank password.

Should you have any more questions or problems, you can read our Knowledgebase or contact Customer Service.

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