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  • Supported Routers: MBR1400, COR IBR600, CBR400 (all routers which supports Captive Portal/Hotspot Services)

Hotspot Setup Instructions for CradlePoint 3G/4G routers

  • 1.

    Make sure you have the latest firmware on your 3G router. Visit for downloading the firmware.
  • 2.

    Connect to your router`s SSID (usually CBR400)
  • 3.

    If you've done a factory reset, or this is a brand new router, you will be asked for a security key. Enter the last 8 digits from the mac address.
  • 4.

    Set up your local network.

    Click Network Settings. Click WiFi/ Local Networks and set Ethernet to Internet (WAN)
    - click Internet > Connection manager > select modem: (service) and click edit

    - Under modem settings tab you may need to modify the AT Dial Script. This setting varies by service providers. You will need to find out the right value from your 3G provider.
  • 5.

    Click Network Settings. Click WiFi/ Local Networks
  • 6.

    Select the checkbox next to Guest LAN and click edit. Change the IP address to Routing mode should be set to Hotspot.
  • 7.

    On the same page under Wireless Network Settings click the public nework and make sure the settings are as below, altough you can change the SSID.
  • 8.

    Click the Systems settings menu, then click Administration. Under the
    System clock tab you need to set UTC as the time zone, make sure you leave
    the Daylight Savings Time UNCHECKED. Set the NTP parameters according to
    our screenshot.
  • 9.

    Click the system settings menu and select hotspot services.
  • 10.

    On the following page select the following:
    - Hotpost mode: RADIUS/UAM
  • 11.

    Then scroll down and select Partner Profiles
  • 12.

    Then select then click Load
  • 13.

    Then click UAM settings / NAS / Gateway ID and enter your operatorusername_locationID (example: if your operator username is "cafehotspot" and this is your first location, enter "cafehotspot_1")

    NOTE: In case you are installing multiple routers in the same location, you should use different NAS IDs. For the second routers you need to add '_wds_1' to the NAS Id, for the third router '_wds_2', etc. So for example if you want to install the second router in location 3, the NASID should be set to '3_wds_1'.

    For Hotspot FREE SOCIAL locations: you must add '' to the list of Allowed Hosts Prior to Authentication!


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