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Start your own Internet Cafe with our award-winning Internet Cafe Software.

You don't need expensive hardware or software for operating the Internet Cafe, because our software is running on the router itself. Thus only a simple LinkSys WRT54GL or compatible router is required. Internet Cafe Hotspot Software Features:

  • Create your own Internet Cafe HotSpot in just a few minutes:

    You only have to register and follow the Install Guide. Installation is easy and your cyber cafe will be done in a few minutes.
  • Wired & Wireless operation.

    The router can be configured to run the software on both wired and wireless ports so you can set all the computers in your Internet Cafe to get through the router, and users with a laptop will also be routed through your Internet Cafe HotSpot.

    How to setup an internet cafe
  • NO computers required for operation.

    Our software is running on the router itself and it communicates our RADIUS server to authenticate the users. Thus only a LinkSys router is required. FAQ: What routers are compatible with the system?
  • No setup or monthly fees!

    Trying out our system is absolutely free. You'll get a minimum of 70% from the end user income. Read more about Revenue Sharing with Hotspot PRO
  • Credit Card Billing and PrePaid module included.

    You can determine the period of time, bandwidth and traffic limits of each access package. You can set your own prices in your local currency. We charge the users and pay all credit card processing and transaction fees, then wire the money to you monthly. You can also offer prepaid cards to your guests which they can buy from you for cash.
  • Remote Web-based Hotspot Management.

    Real time statistics, sales analysis, set up of special packages, prices, currency (!), and online management. Learn more about our Hotspot PRO solution
  • Router Alert.

    We're monitoring your Hotspot routers 24/7 and alert you if something is wrong. You can also check the system load anytime so you will know when your Hotspot is overloaded thus it needs to be extended.

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