MANAGE LOCATIONS with Hotspot Software by

Manage Hotspot Locations from the Cloud - Part 1
Manage your locations from the Control Center, check router status, users and more.

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MODIFY HOTSPOT DATA with Hotspot Software by

Manage Hotspot Locations From The Cloud - Part 2
Different options and settings regarding your hotspot splash page.

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CUSTOMIZE PACKAGES & PRICING with Hotspot Software by

Setup Hotspot Access Packages
Customize access packages, setup your own pricing, currency, bandwidth and traffic limits.

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PRINTING VOUCHERS with Hotspot Software by

Manage & Print Hotspot Vouchers
Managing, printing and exporting Hotspot Vouchers from the Control Center.

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CUSTOMIZE SPLASH PAGE with Hotspot Software by

Customize the Look of Your Hotspot Splash Page
How to customize your splash page, insert logos, change HTML code and language tags.

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Special Hotspot Splash Page: ThemeRoller Skin
ThemeRoller skin let's you customize your wi-fi hotspot splash page color scheme easily.

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